How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Three Ways To Prevent Ice Dams On Your Roof

Ice dams occur on the roof of your home when hot air is able to enter the attic, where it will melt the snow on your roof. The water will run down the sides of your roof and eventually freeze again, forming a dam of ice that will prevent water from draining properly off of your roof as more snow melts. Having standing water trapped on your roof by an ice dam can cause leaks in your roof and interior water damage, which can be quite destructive and expensive to fix. Read More 

Subtle Signs That You Need to Call a Roofing Specialist

As your roof grows older, you may look for indications of damage or disrepair. Leaks, ceiling discoloration, and missing shingles are usually easy to spot. However, some signs of residential roofing problems are not so obvious. Here are a few subtle indications that you need to call a residential roofing contractor. Windy Noises in Your Home If all of your windows and doors are closed but you still hear the whistling sound of the wind in your living space, you may have a roofing issue. Read More 

Three Commercial Roofing Trends That Are Expected To Be Big In 2019

Commercial roofs are primarily designed to protect the structure of your roof. However, a roof is a large part of your structure and can add curb appeal, increase visibility, and enhance the look and feel of your commercial building. If it is time to replace the boring roof on your commercial building, you may desire something that is trendy and adds style to your building, while also protecting it. Looking at trends can help you decide what types of changes you want to make to your roof. Read More 

Deciding When It Is Time To Reroof Your Home

While the roofing material on your home will last for many years, it will need replacing at some point. Knowing when it is time to start thinking about having the roof replaced is just a matter of paying attention to what is going on with it. Some telltale signs will help you figure out what is happening with your roof.  Loose Shingles Stand back and look at your roof from the ground. Read More 

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Gutters Are Full

Your gutters should not become full of water. Instead, water should run through them as it rains. If your gutters do become filled up, you should find out what is causing the situation. After all, full gutters indicate that there is a drainage problem, which can lead to damage to your roof. These are some of the possible causes of gutters that aren't emptying as they are supposed to. 1. They Haven't Been Cleaned Lately Read More 

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

A couple of years after moving into my first home, I decided I needed a new roof. When I told the roofer that I wanted to express my essence, he asked if I wanted shingles or metal. However, I knew the idea could go deeper than that. For example, gardeners can put plants on their roofs, fashion gurus can match their roof to their home, those who crave extra space can make a roof patio, you can take cues from your favorite country, and there are thousands of other ways to express your essence. If this idea piques your interest, get comfortable and start reading. The posts in this blog are designed to inform you and hopefully guide you toward the perfect roof for you, your personality, your home and your family. My name is Kat. Thanks for reading!