How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Cracked Ceilings & A Bad Roof

Cracks in the ceilings in a house can make the rooms they are in look unappealing, but there is more to be concerned about than the aesthetics. When ceilings are developing cracks, it is actually one of the signs that point to there possibly being something wrong with the roof. However, you should keep in mind that water damage in the house and other problems can also cause the ceilings to develop cracks. If you don't have an interest in climbing to the top of your house to inspect the roof on your own, you should hire a roofer to do it as soon as possible. You must find out if the cracks in the ceilings are the result of roof damage so the problem can be fixed before it takes a turn for the worse.

Ceiling Cracks That Are Related to the Roof

As a contractor walks around your roof checking it out for damage, they will try to determine if it is affecting your ceilings. For example, the contractor will pay close attention to the condition of the roof deck, as the inside of a house is more likely to be affected when it is damaged. Some of the types of damage that they will look for include mold and the presence of holes in the deck. Don't think that you will need a total roof replacement if the deck is damaged, as it is possible that repairs will be sufficient.

The Dangers of a Roof Causing Ceiling Damage

If the cracks in the ceilings are related to your roof having damage, it has the risk of putting your household in danger. The extent of the roof damage determines how high the risk is, such as if the deck has an extensive area that is soggy. One risk that comes with ceiling cracks is that areas of drywall can fall down onto the floor and other areas of your home, possibly causing someone to get injured. In the worst-case scenario, the entire roof can collapse and fall into your house.

When a Replacement Roof is Necessary

Small holes and targeted areas of deck damage can likely be repaired, but extensive deck damage might require new construction. You might also need new construction if there is a massive amount of mold on the deck that has caused the wood to deteriorate a lot. Ask a contractor for a quote if you need to get the roof repaired or replaced, and keep in mind that it might be covered by your home insurance policy.

For more information about working with a roofing contractor to fix your home, contact a local roofing company.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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