How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Understanding Warranties From Roofing Contractors And Shingle Manufacturers

When you have a new roof put on your home, your roofing contractor will probably provide you with two types of warranties. One is from the shingle manufacturer and covers the shingles, and the other is from the roofing contractor and covers their workmanship. Understanding the warranties upfront is important so you can avoid confusion later on when your roof develops trouble. Here are some things you'll want to understand about your roof warranties.

The Length Of Your Coverage

A workmanship warranty may only last a few years since problems with poor installation should show up early. A manufacturer's warranty should last for the expected lifespan of the roof; however, the warranty will probably be prorated to account for aging and normal deterioration that comes along with prolonged sun exposure, rain, and wind.

What Voids The Warranty

You should understand what you must do and what you shouldn't do to keep your warranty in place. You may need to prove the roof had regular maintenance and was well cared for before the manufacturer will honor the warranty. Also, DIY repairs might void the warranty, so be sure you understand if replacing bad shingles yourself is a good idea. If your roof leaks due to poor installation, the manufacturer's warranty may not be honored. This is when you would need to rely on the roofing contractor's warranty. If the warranty expires before the defects are found, the manufacturer's warranty probably won't cover the costs of repair.

The Types Of Repairs Covered

A manufacturer's warranty may cover the cost of materials only and not labor. Some warranties may cover labor and not materials. For example, a labor warranty may be added on by your roofing contractor. A full-service warranty covers both materials cost and labor and is the best warranty you can get. You may also want to ask about adding on additional warranties since protection against wind or hail damage may not be included in a standard warranty.

What Isn't Covered Under A Roof Warranty

Damage to your home caused by a roof leak isn't covered by a roof warranty. The warranty only applies to the roof shingles. Even then, natural disasters, such as a tornado, may not be covered by your warranty. Also, damage caused by adding solar panels or other equipment on the roof won't be covered by a warranty.

While defects in shingles aren't too common, you still want the best warranty for your protection. Also, consider the warranty provided by your roofing contractor since these can vary considerably too. By knowing upfront what your roof warranties cover, you won't be shocked and angry when your roof needs repairs and you find out then that your warranty won't cover the damages.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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