How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

4 Maintenance Tips To Reduce Wear And Tear Of Commercial Roofing Membranes

Commercial roofing membranes are a low-cost, energy efficient solution for commercial buildings. They can be used to reduce the cost of new construction, as well as improvements to existing buildings. There are many benefits of roof membranes, but you will also want to know about potential problems, maintenance, and repairs that your roof is going to need. Here are some maintenance tips to help reduce the wear and tear of commercial roofing membranes.

1. Reinforcing Seams To Reduce Problems With Roof Leaks

The seams of roofing membranes are often the first place where wear leads to leaks. This is because water can get beneath the seams as adhesive wears and the seal is broken. To reduce these problems, reinforce the seal of seams with additional materials beneath and on top of the seam. This can be done when new roofing membranes are installed or when you are doing repairs and maintenance to roofing materials.

2. Correcting Areas That Cause Water Traps And Puddling

There are many areas of flat roofs that have water traps where puddling occurs. The standing water causes wear and make roofs more vulnerable to leaks. To reduce these problems, correct any areas on your roof that puddle after it rains by raising them and sloping them to an area with better drainage. This is an easy way to prevent one of the most common issues that cause roof leaks on commercial buildings.

3. Keeping Roof Drain Grates Clean And Free Of Debris To Prevent Wear

The flat roofs of commercial buildings have drain lines that allow water to run off the roof, and these are protected with grates. Rains can cause debris to be washed onto grates and other drainage systems on your roof, leading to more wear and potential leaks. To ensure you do not have to deal with these problems, clean the drains on your roof regularly to ensure they do not get stopped up and cause issues with standing water.

4. Reducing Foot Traffic Wear And Installing Maintenance Walk Ways

With commercial roofing membranes, foot traffic is a major cause of wear and damage. This is due to the fact that mechanical systems are often located on the roof, and maintenance routines cause the wear. To reduce the wear of roofing membranes from foot traffic, have maintenance paths and access installed around mechanical systems to prevent wear and tear of roofing membrane materials.

These are some tips to help reduce the wear and tear of commercial roofing membranes. If you need a new roof for your commercial property or business, contact a commercial roofing contractor for help. You can also check out a website like for more information.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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