How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

When Should You Replace The Roof?

Working, interacting with your family, enjoying leisurely pursuits, and doing all your housework are all things that command the bulk of your time. The roof is probably a topic you haven't thought about this week. However, the large structure that covers the space you live in needs attention if it's to stay intact and protect you all from the elements. In fact, there could be several signs today that your current roof is in need of replacement. If that's the case you'll need time to gather funds and take steps to repair the structure before it fails. What could indicate that a replacement is needed?

1-The Roof is Old

Sometimes, the simplest reason for replacement is a valid one. An old roof that has escaped attention for years could very well require replacement. Roofs can indeed last a few decades, but knowing that the life of a roof is coming to an end is a good time to begin planning for something new. The previous seller has likely given you details about their own roof work, so you should be aware of how old the roof is. If not, check with the building permits office; they're likely to have a file on the property.

2- Shingles are Missing

If a single shingle drops onto the lawn, you're probably going to just throw it away without doing further inspection. However, missing shingles shouldn't be ignored. Whenever a shingle is not on your roof, there's a greater chance that you could be dealing with water damage later. Shingles don't only have aesthetic value; they protect the underlying wood of the roof structure. If that's exposed to rain and heat, leaks and warping can happen. If you view your roof and can already see multiple shingles missing, there's a chance that damage has already begun to spread.

Even if shingles are still attached, any torn or curling ones could also mean that the roof structure itself needs a closer look.

3- Pests Have Infiltrated the Structure  

If you know that mice or squirrels have gotten into the attic or the ceiling above your bedroom, there's a chance that they entered through the roof. There's a possibility that part of the roof was already rotting away or otherwise compromised. If so, your entire roof could be in disrepair and need replacing.

Any of these details could necessitate a roof replacement. You should bring up these things with local roofers or a company like Earhart Roofing Company Inc to learn more about what could be done for you. If a replacement must happen, they can work around your schedule to determine when to get the new roof installed.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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