How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

How Roofing Quality Affects Energy Costs

Over and above the obvious function of sheltering a home from the elements, roofing is an intricate system that is supposed to help your home be energy efficient.

If you intend to install a new roof, a roofing contractor is able advise you on how to achieve optimal energy efficiency for your home whether the roof is for a new house or an existing one. A poorly installed roof will cost you a lot on your monthly utility bills.

As a result of poor insulation on the roofing system, a process known as heat gain can be costly to your home. During the summer months when it is hot, the sun heats the roof, and some of the absorbed heat may transfer into the attic.

Because of heat gain, the air conditioner in your home is forced to work harder than it ordinarily would in order to keep your home cool. It this action that drives up your utility bill.

During the winter months the exact opposite happens, where a lack of good-quality insulation will fail to maintain the heat in your home as it should.

The heat escapes through the attic into the exterior, and as a result, the heating system in your house is forced to work harder than usual to counter the heat loss in an attempt to keep the house warm. This causes a notable increase in your utility bill.

Lack of energy efficiency in your home and high utility bills can largely be attributed to poor insulation on your roof.

So, What Is Ailing Your Roof?

If your roof is the culprit for the upsurge in your utility bills, below are some of the common issues that may be at play:

  • Flawed installation of the roof

  • Poor ventilation

  • Use of low-quality roofing materials

  • Roof construction may not be up to code

  • Underlayment material on your roof may be worn out

  • Damage persists and leads to inefficiencies in insulation

It is advisable to get a roof contractor involved so they can properly diagnose the actual roof components that may be the true cause of energy inefficiency in your home.

How to Increase a Roof's Energy Efficiency

To save money, try increasing the energy efficiency in your home with the use of new energy-saving material, new insulation, or improved roofing ventilation.

Get storm damage roof repair on a regular basis. Pits from hail, blown-off tiles, and eroded materials all contribute to poor insulation. These issues are things that a storm damage roof repair contractor will look for as they do low-cost damage control.

Engaging a roofing contractor who will get your roof up to code will translate to considerable savings. In addition, with a professional, a proper job will be done that will last for years to come.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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