How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

3 Tips To Help Create More Details To Your Roof Replacement

When you are going to be investing in having he roof of your building replaced, it may also be a good time for an update and renovations. The roof of your building does a lot for the look, and improvements like false gable-ends, dormers and sunlight are improvements that you may want to consider during your roof replacement project. Here are some of the different ways you can create more details for your building during a roof replacement:

1. Adding Gables and Dormers for More Details on A Plain Roof

Gables and dormers can be added to your building to give it more detail. The dormers are a great solution to add finished space to an attic area, such as a bonus room, as well as to give the attic and your building better ventilation. Gables can be done in many styles, such as Dutch gables to are gable-ends at the peak of a hip-style roof. You may also want to consider doing gables for adding coverings over areas such as porches, patios and entrances to your home.

2. Green Improvements with Skylights for Natural Lighting

If you want to make the roof of your building greener and environmentally-friendly, then there are several improvements to consider. One of the simplest green improvements to do to the roof is installing skylights, which give you benefits such as, natural lighting and passive heating. In addition to skylights, you may want to consider solar panels, which can be in the form of shingles to make them a more attractive energy improvement for your roof.

3. Cupolas and Other Small Details to Add to Your Roof Replacement

Cupolas are great details to add to the roof of your home, and they can also have practical purposes, such as to add ventilation to the attic. There are many benefits to giving your roof more ventilation, such as reduced problems with ice dams on the roof and solutions for passive cooling systems. If you want to give a building more ventilation, make the skylights functional and install mechanical vents that have small electric fans installed inside them.

These are some of the different ways you can add more details to your building during a roof replacement. If you are ready to replace your roof and change the appearance of your home, contact a roofing contractor, such as from WNC Roofing, and talk with them about some of these ideas for additional improvements. 

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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