How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Three Hail Damage Myths You May Believe

Strong storms can be extremely damaging to residential structures. While homeowners often assume that tornadoes, hurricanes and other strong sources of wind are the only way that these storms can damage the house, hail can be a very common source of damage to the roof.

Myth: Only Large Hail Can Damage A Roof

One of the most prevalent misconceptions concerning hail damage is that it will only be caused by very large hailstones. The force of impacts caused by large hailstones can be extremely devastating to a roof. However, it is also possible for small and medium sized hailstones to cause major damage to a roof. This can be particularly true in instances where the hail storm lasts for long periods of time. Over the course of one of these storms, your roof may be bombarded by a vast number of hailstones. These repeated strikes can gradually weaken sections of the roof, which leads to a cycle of worsening damage as the weakened sections of the roof will be less able to withstand the impacts of the hailstones.  

Myth: Hail Damage Is Always Highly Visible

A reason for individuals to avoid having repairs made to their roofs is due to a belief that hail damage will be a very visible problem for your roof to have. This can lead to individuals assuming that their roofs are free of this damage due to it not appearing to be damaged. However, it can be extremely difficult to identify hail damage to a roof unless you are performing a very close inspection. For example, much of the damage that hail will cause will stem from components of the roof loosening, which can allow water to enter. This will require you to invest in having a professional perform a comprehensive inspection of your roof as they will be able to determine whether the components have suffered this type of subtle damage.  

Myth: There Are No Consequences For Delaying Repairing Your Hail Damaged Roof

Failing to have your roof repaired in a timely manner can contribute to the structural damage to the building greatly worsening. In fact, this can eventually result in the entire roof needing to be repaired due to rot forming on structurally important components. This is not the only potential problem that these delays could cause as there may be time limits for submitting your insurance claim. Failing to adhere to this time limit can result in a denial, which may greatly increase the amount you will have to pay out of pocket to restore your home.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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