How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Four Benefits Of Converting Your Sloped Roofing To Flat Roofing

When you need a new roof and you are looking at the steep slopes on your home, consider converting your sloped roof to a flat roof. Yes, as far as residential roofing is concerned, this seems like an odd choice. However, there are at least four benefits to making this conversion.

A Lift to the Upstairs Walls and Ceiling

Having a steep-sloped roof usually means that rooms upstairs have sloped ceilings. Sloped ceilings mean a lot of banged heads and crouching low to fit into the space. When you convert your sloped roof to a flat roof, these sloped ceilings disappear. You suddenly have more room to stand up and more wall space, too.

Less Potential for Leaking Roofs

Converting a sloped roof to a flat roof means that the flat roof will be coated in asphalt. The asphalt blocks out rainwater and melted snow for years so that you never get a crack or leak above your head. All the water is channeled down the four corners of the house, out and through the downspouts. The next twenty years of living with a flat roof means no leaks or water damage for that entire time.

Far Easier Repairs

In the event that your gutters or downspouts are torn off or damaged, the repairs are simpler. There is no need to cut, measure, and piece gutters together for a sloped roof. Instead, your roofer would just replace four lengths of gutters and secure them to the edges of your flat roof. If you want to add seamless gutters to your newly-constructed and newly-converted flat roof, that is an easy addition, too.

Easier Maintenance

Once your roof is flat, guess what? Maintenance is easier, too! Whether you or a roofer climbs up to the roof, shoveling snow off a flat roof or cleaning gutters is not as dangerous or as difficult when you can stand on a flat surface. Clearing leaves out of the gutters will take only minutes, not hours, because you can stand on top of the flat roof and just move all along the edges of the roof to take out the leaves.

On a sloped roof, you constantly have to move the ladder, clear what you can safely reach, and move on. Where the gutters slope, you actually have to climb onto the roof to clean them out, which forces you to dangerously walk and balance on the roof. While you do not have to clean snow from a sloped roof, you may still have to clear ice to prevent ice dams. On a flat roof, you can sprinkle de-icer on the asphalt surface of the flat roof and let things take their course.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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