How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Tips For Repairing Animal Damage To Your Roof

If you hear noises in your attic at night, you might have a raccoon, squirrels, or rats nesting inside your house. If they're in your attic, they probably got in through a hole in your roof. A raccoon can do a lot of damage to your roof because of its powerful claws and teeth. It can rip through shingles and chew big holes through the deck, soffit, or fascia. The first step is to get the animal or animals out of your attic. Then you'll need to make roof repairs so your home doesn't sustain water damage. Here are some tips for repairing a roof that has been damaged by animals.

Seal Holes With Steel

If the holes are fairly small and located along the fascia board or soffit, then you can seal the holes with steel or steel mesh. Since the pests are used to entering the attic through the hole, they will probably chew through patches made of wood. Metal is the only material that will stop a determined raccoon or rat. Also, once the original hole is blocked, be sure to look around the roof for other small gaps and holes. These should be plugged too or else an animal may try to gain entry elsewhere.

Spray foam insulation may help with tiny gaps. Animals can chew through it, but it helps keep pests out of the attic by blocking airflow and odors. A raccoon or rat can detect an opening into the attic by the air that leaks through the gap. Sealing gaps may keep the animals from clawing and chewing on the roof to get inside. While repairing the hole or holes with metal flashing or steel mesh will keep out the pests, it may detract from the appearance of your home, especially if the holes are on the front of your house. If that's the case, you may want to leave the repairs to a roofer so the appearance of your home isn't affected.

Replace The Damaged Deck And Shingles

If a raccoon tore through the top of your roof, you may need to have professional repairs done. In addition to replacing shingles, the wood deck must be repaired or replaced in that section. You want to make sure the work is done properly because even a small leak can cause expensive water damage over time. If the hole has been in the roof for a long time, there could already be water damage to the deck, so it's a good idea to have the damage inspected by a roofer so all the necessary repairs can be made to protect your home from further water damage.

Once repairs are made and your roof is free from entry holes, you'll want to keep an eye out for animal activity so you can put a stop to it before your roof is torn up again. Trim tree branches away from your house so animals can't get on your roof easily. Keep your garbage cans sealed and don't leave out pet food. You probably can't keep wild animals off your property, even if you live in the city, but you don't want to make it easy for them to move in and cause damage to your house.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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