How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Buying A Home When You Hate The Roof

Certain features on a home tend to stand out, and if you don't like the stylistic choices of the previous owner, you can be left with a less-than-stellar feeling about the property. Roofing design is one of those things that will affect the appearance of the building. If you love the house but hate the roof, there are many things to try:

Budget for Repairs

Sometimes, a roof facelift is all you need. If you see tiles that are mismatched, shingles that are missing or crooked, or patches where the light shines in, you're probably not excited about showing off that roof to guests. But let a residential roofing installations expert give you an estimate on how much it would cost to simply patch the roof by removing damaged parts and replacing them.

Change the Material

If the material is an issue, you may be able to leave some of the structure in place but choose a different surface material. This may actually be in your interest if the roofing materials are significantly older.

Change the Shape

Changing the pitch or shape of the roof will definitely be a task that changes its overall look. To change the shape, you might round out edges or add flat sections that soften the roof's appearance.

Focus on Exterior Features

Perhaps it's not just the roof that could use an improvement. If you change some of the other exterior features of the home, it can give the home a completely different look. Changing the paint color on the siding is one simple way to give the house a drastically different look. You could also choose to replace building materials with something new.

Your landscaping expert could give you some tips on how to draw attention away from the top of the building and towards its base, or into the yard. And a decorative fence or well-planned hardscaping can add visual contrast that distracts from the roof.

In short, there are plenty of ways to disguise or renovate a roof that you're not crazy about. As long as you budget for these improvements, it shouldn't be an issue creating a home you love. Get a roofing contractor to give you a thorough estimate with different options for your budget. Since it can be hard to imagine a final product when choosing new roofing components, be sure that you find a residential roofing installations team you trust to give you sound advice.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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