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3 Tips For Preventing Mildew On The Shady Side Of Your Home's Vinyl Siding

If your home has vinyl siding, you may wonder what you can do to keep mildew from growing on the shaded side of the house and ruining your home's appearance. If so, use one or more of the following three tips for preventing mildew growth on the shady side of your home's vinyl siding.

Keep Bushes and Trees Trimmed

Along with moisture and shade, mildew tends to grow in areas where the air grows stale. If you have bushes or tree branches next to your home, they can keep the air from flowing freely, as well as contribute to the area staying wet.

A couple of times during the growing season, trim back any bushes and trees that are next to your home. Try to maintain a space of several inches between them and your house.

Not only will maintaining this space keep the air circulating, but it also keeps foliage away from your home and removes any obstacles to keeping the siding clean, as discussed in the next two sections.

Wash Dirt off the Siding

Another way to keep mildew from growing on your vinyl siding is to wash away any dirt and mud that splashes up onto the side of your house. Even if the dirt looks dry on the surface, it can remain wet next to your house, giving mildew the moisture it needs to grow.

Once every month or two, use either a power washer or garden hose with a spray nozzle to wash off the dirt. When spraying the siding, keep the stream at an angle. This reduces the amount of direct pressure on the siding that could crack or lift the slats.

Spray the Area with Vinegar Once a Month

Once a month, spray the shaded areas of your vinyl siding with white distilled vinegar to prevent mildew growth. The acetic acid is caustic to mildew. If you spray the siding and allow it to dry, any existing mildew will die and new growth cannot take hold.

Be careful when spraying vinegar around plants you love, since it is deadly to them as well. This is another reason to keep your trees and bushes trimmed back from the house, as discussed in the first section.

Pour undiluted vinegar into a plastic bottle, and saturate the vinyl with the liquid. Then, let the vinegar air dry. Make sure you also spray vinegar on the underside of the slats, an area where mildew likes to grow.

Using the above tips can help you keep ahead of mildew formation on your home's vinyl siding. However, if you find that parts of your siding are stained or damaged, contact a siding service like Bellerose Roofing & Siding to have them inspect the area and discuss options for either restoring or replacing the affected slats.

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