How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

How You Can Prevent Ice And Snow Damage To Your Roof

You may stand back and admire the sun glistening through the icicles coming from the roof of your home, but this is never a good sign. This is a sign that the gutters on your roof have developed ice dams. Ice dams can wreak havoc on your roofing system. Once the dams form, the ice can build up and begin to lift the shingles on the eaves and cause water damage to the woodwork of the roofing. It can also prevent water from draining through the gutter system, causing damage to the foundation and walls of your home. Here, you will learn how to prevent ice dams and ice from forming on the roofing of your home.

Remove Debris from Roofing and Gutters

Any limbs, leaves, or debris on your roof could prevent snow from freely sliding off of it. As the snow melts, it creates water. This water then runs down the roof and can freeze and form ice that damages the shingles. Once the shingles are damaged, the roofing deck can become water damaged.

If your gutters are not clean of debris, the water will not flow through them and ice can form. Once the ice begins to form, it can be an endless cycle of water overflowing from the gutters and turning into icicles that drip at the foundation of your home. This is potentially damaging to the walls and foundation of your home.

Trim the Trees

If you have trees that hang over the roof of your home, trim them back. You can do this yourself or hire a tree trimming service to remove them for you. Although you may enjoy the shade the tree provides during the hot summer months, the tree is actually causing damage to your roof.

Install Polystyrene Rafter Air Channels or Baffles

This can take quite a bit of effort, but installing polystyrene rafter air channels or baffles can help you increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system throughout the year, as well as protect your roofing from ice and snow. This product is thin layers of an insulation material that has shallow channels formed into them. It works to keep the temperature of the winter roof lower to prevent snow from melting and forming ice.

Performing these tasks can help protect your home from the endless list of damage that can begin with ice and snow on your roof. If you have questions about preparing your roof for winter, you can contact roofing contractors to discuss any additional measures that can be taken.

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

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