How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Clean And Take Care Of Your Residence’s Metal Rooftop

If you are a recent divorcee and used to rely upon your prior spouse to remove debris and staining from your residence's metal rooftop, you may be intimidated by the prospect of tackling the cleaning tasks on your own. If you follow the steps below, you can easily maintain the appearance of the roof and prevent metal pieces from becoming damaged from weight being applied to roofing materials.  Tools And Cleaning Supplies Read More 

Effective & Cost-Saving Maintenance Steps For Residential Roofs

Residential roofs today are not cheap to replace. In fact, the average homeowner spends around $6,600 to install a new roof. That kind of money can break a family financially, making it all the more important to keep up with yearly roof maintenance.  Inspect the Shingles Shingles are often the first thing people notice about a roof. Although damaged shingles may seem like a cosmetic issue, they could also cause severe water damage if left without repair. Read More 

3 Tips To Help Create More Details To Your Roof Replacement

When you are going to be investing in having he roof of your building replaced, it may also be a good time for an update and renovations. The roof of your building does a lot for the look, and improvements like false gable-ends, dormers and sunlight are improvements that you may want to consider during your roof replacement project. Here are some of the different ways you can create more details for your building during a roof replacement: Read More 

Insight To Help You Prepare Your Roof For The Winter Season

Maintaining your roof is a constant year-round responsibility that keeps your home interior protected and free of moisture damaging leaks. As fall arrives and the temperatures begin to chance, it is an important time to make sure our roof is prepared for a winter of harsh temperatures and storms. Here are some tips to help you clean, repair, and maintain your roof to get it ready for the upcoming season. Read More 

A Closer Look At The Installation Of A Foam Roofing System Over Shingles

A shingled roof definitely has its list of advantages. Asphalt shingles are resilient and offer a fairly long lifespan for most homes. However, if it is time to replace or cover up those roofing shingles, you may want to consider having them covered with a foam roof. Because foam roofing can be applied over existing roofs, the shingles themselves don't have to be removed before the new roof goes in place. Read More 

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

A couple of years after moving into my first home, I decided I needed a new roof. When I told the roofer that I wanted to express my essence, he asked if I wanted shingles or metal. However, I knew the idea could go deeper than that. For example, gardeners can put plants on their roofs, fashion gurus can match their roof to their home, those who crave extra space can make a roof patio, you can take cues from your favorite country, and there are thousands of other ways to express your essence. If this idea piques your interest, get comfortable and start reading. The posts in this blog are designed to inform you and hopefully guide you toward the perfect roof for you, your personality, your home and your family. My name is Kat. Thanks for reading!