How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

Important Information About Metal Roofs

The metal materials on your roof are important because they not only give a building curb appeal, but they are necessary for protecting the roof deck. If you begin to see water leaking from the ceiling in your business, it is a sign that the roof deck is in bad shape. The condition will get worse if you don't get the problem inspected and repaired in a fast manner. You can actually end up with some of the items in your business getting damaged from water leaking out of the ceiling. Read More 

Will A Metal Roof Attract Lightning To Your House?

The durability and color options of metal roofing make it a popular choice across the country, but many homeowners still avoid this great material because they believe a common myth about it. Learning the facts about metal roofing will help you decide if it's right for your home. Discover how this form of roofing really interacts with lightning before you assume you already know. Understanding Lightning First, the misconceptions about lightning itself is part of what feeds the fear about metal roofs attracting electrical strikes. Read More 

2 Reasons To Consider A Metal Roof For Your Home

Installing a metal roof on your home can often be a great option, mostly because metal roofing is often overlooked on residential properties despite the fact that it can provide you with a wide range of benefits that the other roofing options available to you may not be able to match. Metal roofing can come in the form of steel, aluminum, and copper. Listed below are two reasons to consider a metal roof for your home. Read More 

Three Problems You Can Say Goodbye To If You Choose A Metal Roof

Metal roofing is gaining an increasing amount of popularity with homeowners today. There are several reasons for this; for example, metal roofing is a better deal because it costs less over the life of the roof than asphalt shingle roof would. Another aspect that homeowners find attractive is the fact that metal roofing can reduce air conditioning costs and consequently increase your home's eco-friendliness. This makes it a good choice for a green lifestyle. Read More 

Consider A Foam Roofing System

When you are going to put a roof on your building, you have so many different options. You can choose a specific type of roof, and you will have to choose a specific material. There are many different materials that you can choose from, but one material that you should highly consider is an industrial foam roofing system. Many people have not heard of these type of roofs, but they have many qualities that might make them a perfect fit for your building. Read More 

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How to Express Your Essence Through Your Roof

A couple of years after moving into my first home, I decided I needed a new roof. When I told the roofer that I wanted to express my essence, he asked if I wanted shingles or metal. However, I knew the idea could go deeper than that. For example, gardeners can put plants on their roofs, fashion gurus can match their roof to their home, those who crave extra space can make a roof patio, you can take cues from your favorite country, and there are thousands of other ways to express your essence. If this idea piques your interest, get comfortable and start reading. The posts in this blog are designed to inform you and hopefully guide you toward the perfect roof for you, your personality, your home and your family. My name is Kat. Thanks for reading!